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Security Services in Patna

Security Services in Patna | Security Guards

Be it home or school, work station or business, safety in all these places come as first priority ensured by the companies trading into security service. An enormous number of associations, hotels corporates, banks and cooperative housing edifices are falling back on these security guards organizations so as to ensure the residents against any kind of misconduct. Security Services in Patna. Patna are working admirably into the field by making themselves accessible round the clock for the safety and security motivation behind the inhabitants. Most of their workplaces hold helpful area in the city which is why accessing them is an easy thing for the customers.

Smart Security & Manpower Suppliers pvt Ltd  Patna

Smart Security & Manpower Suppliers pvt Ltd Patna

   405 Ashiana Tower, Exhibition Road, Patna, Bihar 800001



A brief of prevailing significance of the security services in Patna

The significance of security services are very high now-a-days. When it comes to secure your valuables Security officers place a crucial role. Security officers are frequently hired at private parties, corporate events and other many functions where ensuring the safety of the mass have prior significance. Security service agencies are also aware of the concern area or market, they are known to from cater to hotels, departmental stores, malls, retail outlets, government offices, lodgings, factories etc. These security companies providevarious kinds of crowd security and risk assessments.

Classification of private security service organization?

There are broadly two types of private security agencies, as listed below:

1. In-house security services- These security agents are usually recruited by the same agency or company for whom they are going to perform their responsibilities, for an example, the security guards at the malls, cinemas, apartments etc. They belong to that organization or we can say they are from staff.

2. Contractual security services- As name indicates, it’s purely based on contract .The security agency would send security guards for a contractual assignment. For example, security guards stationed at a specific event for a certain number of hours or at a particular venue for a certain period of time (Like in one of the Bollywood movie Bodyguard).

What do the security services in Patna has done?

Having security guards in both public and private places is very important for preventing misconduct. We are enlisting the duties and responsibilities performed by security service agencies.

1. Security checkpoints : At the many checkpoints ,guards have to execute a broad number of functions.From verifying the ID cards of the visitors at the  entrance and check the bags of the visitors to have a keen and sharp watch on CCTV system and many more. Having a responsible and alert security agent on the job can be sufficient enough to stop a crime from happening.

2. Ability to identify unusual act: just by observation and his/her alertness a trained security guard can easily figure out the suspicious activities and can respond quickly to such situations. In most of the cases, these security guards can speedily diffuse a situation by either making their presence felt or by involving early before things go out of control. They also have to follow a certain hierarchy and report these issues to the right people such as their manager or a security supervisor.

3. Safety First: A security guard also monitors and maintains order and safety measures. Emergencies do not happen regularly. The soul responsibility a security agent is to ensure that things stay safe during the daily   operations in a property. Irrespective of the event like conference or a private party, security service providers are familiar with the ways to identify potential problems.

How much do they charge fortheir services?

The rate would vary depending on what type of security is required. Charges may very as the risk factor varies .The charges are usually higher when the assignment is for a risk-prone zone. Given below is an approximate rate.

Type of security services

Approximate cost


Rs. 1,500 per day onwards

Personal security officer

Rs. 12,000 per day onwards

Unarmed male bodyguard

Rs. 12,000

Armed male bodyguard

Rs. 30,000

Female guard

Rs. 20,000

Please Note: The rate is indicative and may vary from one security service agency to another.

In Patna, Patna security services have been helping to minimize risks of theft, robbery, burglary and any other forms of misdeed. If you are looking for credible security services, Searchindalifeis the best place to begin your search. You may check out the reviews and ratings of the security agencies before hiring one.